COVID-19 Important Update

To All Our Valued Clients

The Lord Howe Island Tourism Association has consulted with its accommodation, food and beverage and tour operator members and would like to strongly advise visitors to Lord Howe return a negative PCR or RAT test in the 24 hours prior to arrival on the island.

Lord Howe is a small community with its limited guest numbers at capacity into 2023. The Gower Wilson Memorial Hospital is a small facility without an Intensive Care Unit.

If you arrive on Lord Howe and present with Covid-19, you are required to isolate at your accommodation until you return a negative test. Extended accommodation is at guests’ own expense and impacts the stays of next-arriving guests.

Returning a negative PCR or RAT test is a good indicator but is not foolproof; as a bottom line, if you feel unwell, please do not travel and instead postpone your holidays on Lord Howe for a future date.

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Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island is one of only a handful of island groups on the UNESCO World Heritage list, inscribed for its biodiversity and spectacular landscape and is home to hundreds of beautiful and rare plants, birds and marine species. The island was created by a volcanic eruption seven million years ago. It boasts a number of unique natural experiences including diving the world’s southernmost coral reef and visiting Balls Pyramid – the tallest sea stack in world. Two-thirds of the island is covered in natural forests, Banyan trees and Kentia palms.

Lord Howe Island is only 11 kilometres long and less than 3 kilometres at its widest point. A paradise where only 400 visitors are allowed on the island at any one time and there are only 350 residents.  Situated 550 kilometres east of Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia and less than two hours from Sydney, Brisbane and Port Macquarie airports, isn’t it about time you visited Lord Howe?